Cycling in Zagreb

When you arrive in Zagreb, you can take some time to sync with the rhythm of the city. It’s all about taking things easy and chatting with people. All of the main streets to soak up the atmosphere are easily accesible by bike and most of them with no car traffic. You can cycle through narrow alleyways of the magical Upper Town and peep into the inner courtyards. Zagreb is exceptionally green and you can easily find a spot for a blanket and some food and drinks, enjoying the sun while taking a break from pedalling. Most of the central sights you will want to visit are in the radius of 1km but if you feel like exploring more, and seeing places locals love, then the bicycle should be your obvious choice. Lakes Jarun and Bundek, Maximir park, mount Medvednica and many more places are within your reach within 30 minutes of relaxed cycling from the main square. Let us be your guide through this pedalling adventure and discover Zagreb the way locals love it!

Attractions/sights accessible by bicycle from the city centre:

Most of sightseeing can be done by bike because Zagreb is one of the smallest capital cities in Europe (800,000 people). But don´t be fooled by the size - Zagreb has a bunch of cool stuff to show to its guests.

Mayor's stance on cycling:

The Mayor of Zagreb pronounced May 2018 as the month of "Zbicanj" - the month of riding bicycle! With the goal of promoting cycling and a healthy lifestyle, various events were held all over the city such as; Orange Bike Ride supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands, the velodrome opened for public use, an exhibition of cycling in a museum of the city, an enduro race on mount Medvednica, and many more. Zbica = bike rung / spoke Svibanj = May Zbica + Svibanj = Zbicanj




Mainly Flat

Bicycle theft:

Very rare

Cycling at night:

My company provides a night bike tour

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