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Cycling in Athens

Athens is a wondeful city that combines ancient history with very vivid modern life. During your bike tour here you'll get the chance to experience both the ancient and the modern part of Athens.

Cycle Paths/Routes:

Athens has only one bike lane! Good enough because it leads all the way down to the new Opera House and the beach, but not enough. To enjoy the city on a bike you need to have a local with you to lead you through some secret areas away from traffic.

Attractions/sights accessible by bicycle from the city centre:

The sights that we visit during our bike tours are too many even to mention them. Of course the most popular one that we see during our city tour is Acropolis. During our coastal tour we also visit the New Opera House!

Mayor's stance on cycling:

They don't really care about it.




Some Hills

Bicycle theft:

Happens occasionally

Cycling at night:

Most streets in my city are well lit

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