cyclecities in Germany and Switzerland

German and Swiss cities are well organised, equipped for cyclists, full of history, architecture and culture, and ripe for urban exploration.

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Berlin on Bike began with a simple observation: Germany’s capital is too big for two feet. Tourists, who visit Berlin and expect to see its sights in an afternoon, just as they did in Florence or Amst...

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Colonia Aktiv offers the best possible way to experience Cologne by bike. We take you on a journey through time, from the Roman era up to the most recent changes within the city. Our 3 hour guided bik...

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Frankfurt am Main

We operate guided city tours and bike rental in Frankfurt am Main since 2016 under the brand We are located in “Sachsenhausen” close to the river and the city centre, in a roma...

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Hamburg City Cycles is based in St. Pauli, the perfect starting point for exploring the city by bike, close to the waterfront and city center. With our tours, we offer the possibility to really get i...

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Bike Romance Heidelberg is all about the love for cycling for (possibly) the most beautiful city. We will take you on a magical tour and let you experience why the Heidelberg romantics were thriving h...

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One of the best ways to see Munich is by bike. The wealth of Munich is our diversity. Wide-open parks, elegant plazas, meandering riverbanks, beer gardens, and winding medieval alleyways. We even have...

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Rayrider Bike Tours Zurich offers you various bicycle tours in Zurich. Our tours are the perfect way to discover the city and what it has to offer. Away from the tourist crowds you will be guided thro...

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