What does #bookdirect Mean?

Booking your travel through a big agency like Tripadvisor or booking.com means that local tour and activity companies have to pay large commissions to those websites. This actually drives prices UP.

Cycle Cities is teaching the world to #bookdirect, to support small business and create more competition.

More and more small businesses are offering better deals to people who #bookdirect. It's time to shop around. Find a hotel's website. Google the name of the company that you want to book a tour with. See what they are offering.

It's true that at the moment, often the price will be the same, or sometimes more expensive to go direct, but you should never be afraid to contact the business and tell them you prefer to #bookdirect to save them the commission, and see what deals they can do. You will be surprised!

Businesses that are ahead of the curve are already offering better deals for direct bookings, and over time, it will only get easier.

Give it a try!

At cyclecities.tours you can find links to the operator's websites, where we encourage you to #bookdirect.

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