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  • Scandinavia – Where Bikes Come First

    By Jess Monson – Cycle Cities Blogger Travelling around Scandinavia one could be fooled into thinking that cars were obsolete and pedestrians second class citizens. Everywhere you go there are signs that cyclists take precedence. Row upon row of bike racks inhabit any spare piece of pavement. Mountains of bicycles of all shapes, styles and […]

  • Cantabria to the Basque

    Northern Spain is incredible for cycling.  In August 2015, myself and 2 friends rented bikes from Iberocycle, and planned, with their help, an amazing route through Basque Country. Starting in Santander, we followed 20 km of rolling hills, and another 20km of former rail line, now turned cycle track. The afternoon was spent ascending the […]

  • If You’re Breaking a Sweat, You’re Going Too Fast!

    At Cycle Cities, we love bicycles – but we don’t like fast! We love bicycles in the way a kid loves a bicycle in summer, for kicking around, exploring, and hanging out with friends. We don’t take ourselves very seriously, and it underpins our attitude towards cycling, meaning we don’t really go in for the […]

  • Top 5 Private Bike Tours

    Here at Cycle Cities, we pride ourselves in offering only the best, hand-picked city experiences by bicycle the world has to offer. We live and work to provide only the best for the cycling tourist and adventurer – hence, we’ve been going through the network and choosing our five best bike tours in a number […]

  • The Top 3 Cleanest Cities in the Cycle Cities Network

    Cleaning – for some a pain or chore, for others a relaxing therapeutic exercise. Regardless of whether we like to do it or not, cleanliness can make a huge difference to our enjoyment of a city when travelling, working, or just visiting for a holiday. Litter-free streets, a lack of graffiti, and clear, unpolluted air […]

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