If You’re Breaking a Sweat, You’re Going Too Fast!

At Cycle Cities, we love bicycles – but we don’t like fast!

We love bicycles in the way a kid loves a bicycle in summer, for kicking around, exploring, and hanging out with friends. We don’t take ourselves very seriously, and it underpins our attitude towards cycling, meaning we don’t really go in for the excessively competitive or ‘sporty’ branch of the pastime. 

We want to get the message out there that cycling is fun and can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone and be engaged in wherever you find yourself in the world. Cycling is not reserved for MAMILs (‘Middle Aged Men In Lycra’), nor just the kids. Families, young kids, adults, grandparents – anyone can cycle. If you’re breaking a sweat, you’re going too fast.

All our bicycle tours give you the fun of the ride and allow you to look around, take a deep breath, and truly absorb the feel and character of the city that you’re in, without any kind of competitive feel.

We are the chilled side of cycling – no need for performance enhancers, protein supplements, or tight-fitting clothing. We ride like we walk; around in circles, just looking at stuff.

If you’re not much of a cyclist you’re exactly who we want to join us because you’ll enjoy it even more than people who are used to the experience – as a fun way to effectively and interestingly explore the most fascinating and enthralling elements of a new city.

And to prove that we aren’t too serious, you’re going to feel more like you’re in a tour group than on a bike ride. You might even forget that you are on two wheels when you’re distracted by the great stories your tour guide is telling you!

So keep it real, don’t let the MAMIL’s deter you, and head to cyclecities.tours and find your next incredible destination on the seat of a bicycle.






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