Cantabria to the Basque

Northern Spain is incredible for cycling. 

In August 2015, myself and 2 friends rented bikes from Iberocycle, and planned, with their help, an amazing route through Basque Country.

Starting in Santander, we followed 20 km of rolling hills, and another 20km of former rail line, now turned cycle track. The afternoon was spent ascending the N623 up 1000m to Embalse Del Ebro, a challenging climb, with a rewarding view. 

Day 2 was a more leisurely ride following the Rio Ebro to the town of Medina de Pomar.

The final day 3 was an amazing ride from Medina de Pomar down to Bilbao. This ride of 80km included amazing, long meandering downhills on quiet, well paved roads. 

This ride is highly recommended for a few days cycle touring. To find your best cycling holiday, check out Iberocycle. Simon and Ignacio will help you with all you need!

For a guided bike tour of Bilbao, there’s only one place to go; Cycle Cities Partner Tourne Bilbao. They’ll take you on a safe, enjoyable exploration of this incredible Basque city on one of their daily guided tours.

Steve Kopandy

Cycle Cities Director






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