Cycling in Tallinn

Tallinn offers an abundance of bicycle lanes and cycling is the fastest way to get around, whether you're a local or just there to explore!

Cycle Paths/Routes:

Seaside route to the Open air museum.

Attractions/sights accessible by bicycle from the city centre:

Tallinn is actually quite well covered with bicycle routes and coming to or leaving from the city is easy. Going from one side of the city to the other edge will be a trip of around 50km and you can actually make different routes from the centre for a day trip.

Mayor's stance on cycling:

The transportation sector of the city's administration favours cycling and stands for developing routes. Unfortunately, car phobia is still prevalent in Tallinn, but compared to the situation five years ago it is much better already!




Mainly Flat

Bicycle theft:

Happens occasionally

Cycling at night:

Most streets are well lit

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