Lisbon Bike Tour & Outdoors


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Lisbon Bike Tour & Outdoors

With the Lisbon Bike Tour, in only a few hours, you will see and experience the highlights of Lisbon.

Walking can be tiring, and being on a bus or a van can make you feel confined. On the Lisbon Bike Tour, you will get a great experience of Lisbon with plenty of time to take pictures, enjoy the views, and get a feel for the city.

If you feel like getting into town, seeing the monuments, architecture, learning about the history and Portuguese society, then the Lisbon Bike Tour is ideal for you, and no, we won't make you climb the seven hills of Lisbon! In fact, you won't climb at all (unless you want to!). We have designed a very easy itinerary, flowing downhill or just flat, along the beautiful waterfront where the Tagus river meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Every now and then, we will stop and tell you stories about Lisbon and Portugal, and what influences are helping the city evolve. You'll find out why Portugal has the oldest borders in Europe, and why such a small and tiny country was once the world's superpower. You will taste the most famous Portuguese pastry and "ginginha," a sweet but strong local drink not to be missed. The Lisbon Bike Tour will lead you to a vibrant and enjoyable Lisbon experience.

Our Tour guides are fantastic… just take a look at Tripadvisor - Lisbon Bike Tour. You will understand why so many people want to join us.

Our company also offers outdoor tours in the National Park around Lisbon, where a host of activities are on offer such as mountain biking, hiking and superb sea kayaking!

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