Meet Kiwi!

Kiwi is our Partner Communications Officer here at Cycle Cities HQ in London.

Originally from a small village in the North of England home to Britain’s most famous 19th century novelists (think ‘Wuthering Heights’ and ‘Jane Eyre’), Kiwi moved to his now native New Zealand when he was 10.

After studying a four year degree in Media Studies and Criminology in Wellington, he backpacked through seven South American countries before setting his sights on London. Prior to his current roles with Cycle Cities and London Bicycle Tour Company as Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator, Kiwi was working for TripAdvisor at their British base in Oxford, helping to detect and prevent fraud on their online platforms.

He has also worked for the New Zealand Department of Corrections in the Communications department, writing copy and press releases and researching and drafting news articles, and as an investment consultant in the mad world of property.

He is an avid photographer, reader, and writer in his spare time, and is currently working on publishing a novel; a Victorian thriller set in the North of England. He plays football and goes to the gym regularly, and loves to get away to travel; since the start of the year he has visited Denmark, France, Belgium, Spain, Menorca, the Canary Islands, and Estonia.

In his current role he manages the social media, customer reviews and relations, and general administration of the business at London Bicycle Tour Company. He contributes to the website’s image, and helps to write blogs and copy about London and cycling, while also acting as an Assistant Manager in the running of daily Operations at LBTC’s central London base.

For Cycle Cities, Kiwi assists Steve in daily administration of the business, as well as corresponding with the partners and helping to regulate the forum. He assists with the maintenance of the website and also works with Steve to scout for and sign up new partners around the world, while writing blogs and composing a monthly mailout for partners when he gets a chance!

Thanks for reading! To have a chat with Kiwi about any questions or queries you may have about the network or running the oldest bike tour company in London, get in touch with him at