cyclecities in Southern Europe

Spain brings much to offer the cycle tourist. One of Cycle Cities' most popular destinations for guided bike tours is the Catalonian city of Barcelona. Cycling is a true staple of Barcelona with a host of parks, tracks and cycleways to enjoy. Madrid also is a wonderful city to see, guided on a bicycle.

Portuguese people are ready and willing to welcome you and your bicycle to their beautiful country. Lisbon is one of the continent's most fashionable tourist destinations this decade. It has a distinct charm and character, and avoids the tourist traps of it's larger, more well known neighbours. Don't let the seven hills put you off. There is more to see in a half day in the town on a bike tour than you might think.

Italian cities offer bike tours that will orientate you to the culture and custom of this fascinating country.

Athens is a city with layers. From it's Greek Empire headquarter roots, to it's modern day metro system, Athens and everything in between will leave you wanting more. Athens is just the beginning of Greece though. This country hits the headlines often, and it's culture has an ecclectic storyline developed over the centuries, and indeed millennia.

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We are a tourism service provider and tour operator based in Puglia, in the South of Italy. We specialise in eco-sustainable tourism by providing guided cycle experiences by e-bike (pedal-assisted ele...

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Athens by bike is a travel agency focusing on city bike tours. We have introduced a unique way of sightseeing in Athens that is becoming a trend in most European cities. Our routes through the histor...

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“UN COTXE MENYS – BICICLETES” This is the original and Catalan name of our company. When you ride your bike, you do not have to drive a car….so, it is “One Car Less - Bicycles”. In 1995 Barcelon...

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With the Lisbon Bike Tour, in only a few hours, you will see and experience the highlights of Lisbon. Walking can be tiring, and being in a bus or a van can make you feel confined. On the Lisbon Bike...

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Hola! My name is Kay Farrell- the founder and director of Málaga Bike Tours- the pioneer City Bike Tour company in the enchanting city of Malaga in southern Spain. I am a cycling enthusiast who believ...

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Milano Bike Renting is a new bike rental company based in Milan. We specialise in Bicycle Rental and Cycling Holidays in and around Northern Italy....

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For an incredible, 3 hours exploring Porto and surrounds, you can't do better than a bike tour with Fold'n'visit. On Oporto's Downtown Tour, you can see art and architecture, churches, eateries and...

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Cycling Venice Lagoon is a VeniceToExpo2015 project, but above all is a start-up conceived by a group of young Venetians, who love bikes and the Venetian lagoon, and aim to show the Venetian lagoon in...

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