Cycling in Lima

Lima is full of wide, paved roads with a spread out centre and a variety of different neighbourhoods that all bring something to the table. Cycling is a great, efficient way to get around Lima while also avoiding getting stuck in the city's traffic!

Cycle Paths/Routes:

With hundreds of cycling routes dotted all around the city, Lima is becoming an even more cycling-friendly city with plenty to offer for bike enthusiasts, with a long coast, flat roads, stunning landscapes and fun, distinct culture.

Attractions/sights accessible by bicycle from the city centre:

Starting by the expansive and palm tree-lined Plaza Mayor, the city's birthplace and cultural and administrative centre, you can cycle to the stunning Park of the Reserve, an illuminated inner-city green space dotted with fountains. For some more historical and cultural explorations, you could take your bike to the Palace of the President, before unwinding and resting your legs with a trip to the Larco Museum full of Peruvian artefacts.




Some Hills

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