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The Carter Company (Lithuania)

Lithuania is the focus of our Baltic cycling holidays. We think it's hugely under-appreciated as a cycling holiday destination and so we added it onto our map in 2012.

Why do we rate it so highly for bike tours? For starters, it has warm, albeit fairly short, summers. Occupied by the Russians until as recently as 1990 and with a history of foreign occupation, it's perhaps surprising to learn that The Grand Duchy of Lithuania was the largest country in Europe in the 14th Century. The people are fiercely proud of their country, and since gaining independence in 1990, their rich local culture has blossomed once again. Many of their towns, small and large, boast outstanding architecture in their historic quarters, but thanks to funding from Europe, they also have a thoroughly modern infrastructure with good hotels. Much of the landscape remains rural and unspoilt and is not overcrowded with tourists - yet!

Now is the time to experience this beautiful and fascinating country.

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The Carter Company (Lithuania)