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From the long, quiet and smooth roads of Spain's Basque countries, to the flat seaside routes of Belgium and the Netherlands, to the long riverside rides following the Danube and Rhur rivers in Central and Eastern Europe, you'll be well impressed with a cycling holiday on this great continent.

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Baltics and Scandinavia

Estonia, and indeed the Baltics, are Europe's emerging destinations for cycling itineraries. Eurovelo routes 10, 11 and 13 run through the Baltic states and can take you right up into...

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Britain and Ireland

You can find a place to get away from it all and put some mileage on your bicycle in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

In particular, the lush 'Emerald Isle' is ready ...

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Eastern Europe

The Czech republic is a landlocked country, with very much to offer the cycling tourist. Check out the ride from Prague to Karlstejn Castle, the long river valleys and meandering paths. Y...

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France and cycling go main in main (ahem, 'main' means 'hand' in French).

The world's most challenging sporting event Le Tour de France, is quintessentially F...

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Southern Europe

Viva Italia! The mountainous north? The charm of Tuscany? The relaxed pace of Puglia? Deserve your Italian food fill up at the end of each day and use the energy to power you up the hills...

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The Netherlands

Much of The Netherlands is reclaimed land from the sea, so natually you can expect flat terrains and long, straight paths- just make sure you're cycling with the wind at your back!

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