cyclecities in Europe

The Bicycle, and European cities, go hand in hand.

The worlds top two bicycle friendly cities are in Europe- Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Both cities should be (and probably are) on the radar of any city biking enthusiast. Amsterdam was the first place in the world to offer a city tour by bike, and it's not surprising. Amsterdam is the birthplace of modern, urban cycling.

Europe's biggest cities (London and Paris) are world leaders in tourism, and are embracing the bicycle like never before. Steeped in culture and history, these cities have so much to offer any tourist, cyclist or otherwise.

Emerging Eastern Europe is slightly cheaper to visit than Western Europe, although no less enticing. Large modern cities like Budapest and Prague are now big name tourist destinations.

The Scandinavian North is modern, spacious, and full of natural wonders. Cycling is best in the Summer months for obvious reasons, but the Scandinavians adapt well to the weather, and will be happy to welcome you year round.

From Portugal to Greece, there are Southern European cities not to be missed. You can take a guided bike tour year round in Athens, Rome or Barcelona. In between the biggest cities you'll find smaller gems like Lisbon, Porto and Nice, built into the hills, with beautiful seaside backdrops.

If you're not from Europe, you're going to need to stay a while to explore the treasure of this continent, and all the cycling delights.

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