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In June 2014 I took a trip to Warsaw, to meet Michal at Eastern Station Bicycle Tours.
Arriving in warsaw on a Sunday, the afternoon tour (every Sunday) is the Jewish Warsaw tour. As a modern history enthusiast, with a good knowledge of Europe and WWII, this suited me well.

I didn't know Warsaw at all, having arrived by night train from Cologne a few hours before the tour, so had I the choice, I would have opted for a city overview tour, but once we got started I had no doubt I was in the right place, doing a tour that delivered more depth and substance than a typical Warsaw's most famous sights tour.

The Jewish communities in Warsaw and Poland have such historical significance. Within the Warsaw ghetto in the early 20th Century, the population density was much higher than that of the world's most dense city today, Manila in the Philippines. The tour gave us a great perception of what life would have been like in those days, and the conditions that led to the 1943 uprising and consequential suppression by the Nazis. 

Michal delivered an excellent guided tour, with photographs from the past, and always pointing out small details that remain as a monument to the history of Warsaw, such as the two only remaining pre war buildings that face each other in the former ghetto. 

Eastern Station do daily guided tours of Warsaw, by both foot and bicycle. You'll feel safe and somewhat at home in this city, especially in the presence of a qualified city guide such as Michal. Highly recommended.

Steve Kopandy