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 By Steve - Bike Tourist and Cycle Cities Manager

A keen skier/snowboarder, I’d been to Austria many times, but not to the far eastern capital city. Not so hilly down there.

Until I met a girl from Vienna in London. So one thing led to a flight to Bratislava. If you do know Vienna, but don’t know Bratislava, you should. The Slovakian capital is a short drive from the Austrian capital, and Ryanair fly there, so its a good way to get into Vienna, and save some cash, so you can take a girl out.

So whilst my motivation for heading to Vienna was not tourism, but more romance, the city suited the theme well. What struck me was how opulent it was. The grandeur was inescapable, no matter which way you walked. Monument after Museum after Music Hall, and massive gardens and parks.

My passion for song writing took me to the Museum of Music, and that evening the Wiener Konzerthaus for a modern classical performance.

Vienna has a flat, sprawling centre, the perfect kind of city to cycle in. The streets are wide and open, and safe, with cycle paths criss-crossing everywhere.

One of our London Bicycle Tour Company Tour Guides, Gerfried, now works as a guide for Pedal Power in Vienna, our Cycle Cities official bike tour partner. It’s great to share the love.

But my love in Vienna didn’t work out. I fell for the city instead.

Steve Kopandy spent his 20's taking short trips to Europe from his base in London, and has taken guided bike tours and cycle trips in, and to, many European cities. He works as the Business Manager for London Bicycle Tour Company and started Cycle Cities to give more profile to bike tours worldwide.