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What do you know about Sofia?

Did you know it’s a capital with a great mountain for hiking, just 20 minutes away by taxi from the center?

Did you know that Sofia is a town that grows, but never ages? Or that some Roman Emperors called it their favorite city in the empire?

Did you know Sofia is rich in 2400 years of history?

In Sofia, you can see architecture from Antiquity until the Socialist and Communist times, a center that has temples of Judaism, Islam, Orthodox Christianity and Catholicism. You can experience the city by many ways, making a trip for a weekend or two weeks, so you can understand the Bulgarian culture better.

Do you want to learn more about it, experience it's great cultural life, green spaces, mixture of East and West history, and much more...?

With a bike tour you can cycle through streets of historical events or cruise through parks where squirrels will eat nuts right from your hand. You can take a tour past the museums, have a beer surrounded by street musicians, eat flavoursome food and, of course, conquer that mountain!

Come to Sofia... be caught by it’s magic… understand why.

Take the FREE bike tour, which starts every day from 11h and 17h from the National theater “Ivan Vazov”. The guides will show you the city in a way you couldn’t have imagined.