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There is a tourist trail around Europe for mainly non-Europeans. Every year, millions of of people from other parts of the world, visit Europe, and plan an itinerary from city to city. The Geography of Europe lends itself to a loop of big ticket tourist destinations. Besides Scandinavia, the top of this loop is often the line between Amsterdam and Berlin, and Hamburg is missed by many. It shouldn’t be.

In fairness, a lot of people come to Hamburg. It has a fabulous reputation in Europe as a cosmopolitan, working, and viabrant city. But most of the visitors are Germans, and I think that to experience this new level of German culture, more foreigners should add it to their stoplist.

I grew up in a port city (Newcastle, Australia, the world’s busiest coal port), so stepping out of the S-bahn at Landungsbrücken, I felt right at home. I understand that portside cities are great for tourists and locals to soak up atmosphere. You can be a busyness bystander, taking life at a slow pace in the sun by the water, whilst the working harbour bustles around you, envious of your pride of position overlooking the mayhem.

A short walk away from the harbourside is Hamburg City Cycles. Go see Lars for a great bike rental, or a daily guided tour of this wonderful city, and take your position on the bike seat.

Steve Kopandy