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Buenos Aires

Discover Argentina's Thriving Capital on Bicycle!

European architecture, swanky tango clubs, vibrant arts & theater scene, world-class cuisine and mercurial nightlife are just some of the many reasons Buenos Aires one of the most exciting cities in the Americas. The terrain of the city is very flat, with temperate climate and more than 300 days of sun per year, making it the perfect city to explore on bicycle!

Are you intimidated by cycling in a major city in Latin America? Don't be! Cycling in Buenos Aires is very safe! Buenos Aires has 130 KM's of fully integrated cycle lanes that separate traffic from cyclists. The culture for cycling is on the rise, as more locals and tourists than ever before are choosing the bicycle to discover the Argentine metropolis.

Buenos Aires is a very large city with a unique patchwork pattern of neighborhoods each with their own unique identity; from trendy Palermo, chic Recoleta, to bohemian San Telmo. Because of the city's sheer size, it would be daunting to explore on foot and in a bus you would miss out on the idiosyncrasies of the distinct perspectives of Buenos Aires.

A guided cycle tour is the ideal way to see the sights, get in touch with the culture and get your bearings. Tour leaders give insight into Argentine history and modern culture. Pedaling through historic neighborhoods, past modern skyscrapers, and picturesque gardens you begin to appreciate the complexities of Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires is a city that everyone should experience.