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Antwerp is well worth a visit. If you’re in the area (and Belgium is not that big a place) you should consider it for a short break.

I first went to Antwerp in 2004 and I found, to my liking, that nothing much had changed 10 years on. Antwerp is much easier to digest than it’s big brother, Brussels. It has more a Flemish identity, and it’s a little easier to navigate. Shopping and fashion is vibrant, and each district of town has a distinct flavour.

A new thing to do in Antwerp is a guided bike tour. Ari and the team at Antwerp by Bike have been steadily growing their operation in the last couple of years, and offer tours in both English and Dutch (or Flemish, to be precise).

If you get the chance to do a tour with Antwerp by Bike, please let us know how it goes, buy using the voucher code you are given at the end of your tour to log onto Cycle Cities and review your tour.

We are looking forward to hearing more great things from Antwerp in the coming years!