FAQ's for Potential Partners

What is Cycle Cities?
Started in 2011, it's a partnership of the world's best bicycle tour, holiday and rental companies. It's one place to go for tourists and tour companies looking for Cycling Tourism activities. We hope for it to be the world's biggest resource for cycling tourism.. and it's growing fast.
Who's behind it?
Steve Kopandy, the Business Development Manager of London Bicycle Tour Company, London's first and original bike tour company.
Why did you start Cycle Cities?
Cross promotion. We got many requests for link exchanges on our website. People wanted OUR customers to find THEIR bike tour company, and vice versa of course. We had an idea of taking it a step further, and partnering with other bike tour operators and actively promoting tours in other cities, creating a system where everybody involved sends everybody more customers.
How has it been going?

In the first 12 months: we managed to get to the number 1 page on google for most search terms. We made great corporate connections. We reached over 100,000 people through email lists of our corporate partners.

Since then we were been approached by dozens of operators who want to join us, all over the world. We've increased voucher redemptions fivefold.

We've started yearly networking events in Europe and exercises in getting the Cycle Cities brand out there further and further.

Why should I join up?
    The advantage of having your business promoted through the Cycle Cities network is massive. Not only are you visible on a high ranking site, It's getting your company connected with people who are already interested in bikes, because they're taking bike tours in other places. Imagine being able to reach everyone who takes a cycle tour in with our partners this year? It will boost your exposure and drive more customers your way.
How does it work?
  • We have the website and online database to manage all the partners, customers and agents who visit the site.
  • We select one company per city/region to join Cycle Cities
  • We list them as our partner in the city/area they operate in on our website, and link directly to them
  • We print and send 1000 Cycle Cities cards personalised with the companies logo and message on one side, and the cycle cities logo and voucher code on the other side
  • Operators distribute these cards to all their customers at the end of each bike tour
  • The customers see that they can get discounts with Cycle-Cities partners in other cities
  • They go online to cycle-cities.com, register with the unique flier code, and download a 20% discount voucher which they can use with any other cycle cities partner (valid for 12 months)
  • Customers bring along the voucher and take a tour with the partner in the next city they're visiting
What will it cost to become a partner?

This depends on the size of the city as a tourist destination. The average cost is €200 euro per year

For the fee you get:

-A personal page with profile info on cycle-cities.com for example cyclecities.tours/yourcity and a direct link to your website

-at least 1000 personalised A7 cards, professionally designed, including your logo and text, delivered

-Exclusive membership to the scheme (you'll be the only Cycle Cities partner in your city)

-Full integration with our database, including the ability to add your logo and own terms and conditions to the downloadable discount voucher, and change photos and text

-Access to the voucher redemption system. You can use the system for your own promotions as well

-An invitation to our yearly networking events

Can I be sure that it will bring me more customers?
With these cards getting handed out to everyone who takes a tour with a partner in every other city, it's sure to bring more customers, and over time as the system grows, the potential is massive. In addition you'll get more traffic to your site from the weblink. We think it's a small investment to make for such a direct, effective and wide reaching marketing program.
What responsibilities would I have as a partner?
The main responsibility you will have is to hand out the cards at the end of each tour you take out. We also want you to link to us and include us in your promo, and integrate with our social networks. We give instructions on how to do this. You'll continue to run the business as you do day to day. You set your own pricing, you stay in control. Cycle Cities is not a franchise, not a take over of your brand or anything to be afraid of. We're not taking a commission. Because it's based on cross promotion, we think it's something you'll want to support and get involved in.
What if partner companies don't do their part?
If an operator doesn't distribute the cards, we'll know about it, as the unique codes on the cards used for registration can be traced back to the company we sent them to. We'll follow up regularly any companies with low registrations and check that they are handing out the cards. Any company with very little or no registrants in the first year, who aren't putting in the effort will not be offered the chance to renew. We need every partner doing their part for maximum benefit for all.
What else will Cycle Cities be doing?
We'll be building the site to become the number one resource for bicycle tours in the world. At London Bicycle we already have excellent connections with big agencies like Expedia and Viator. We've got the web people to design the database to grow and incorporate more agency relationships. We'll also be marketing the website. London Bicycle Tour Company is number 1 on google for various search terms. We want to keep cyclecities.tours up there too. We'll also be introducing Cycle Cities to our global agency contacts and keeping them in the loop for future partnership developments. We're also integrating tripadvisor widgets with partners landing pages, to help customers easily leave reviews. Ask for a copy of our prospectus if you want more examples. Email info@cyclecities.tours
Will my involvement in Cycle Cities affect my current agency relationships?
    The scheme is based on cross promotion, so it shouldn't affect any of your agency relationships.
What if I offer other products like walking tours?
In terms of redeeming the discount, you can make this available for the products of your choice. Our system will allow you to input your own terms and conditions to be printed on the voucher.
When do the cards arrive?
Around Easter each year - just in time for the busy Northern Hemisphere summer season.
What will the cards look like?
Full colour, professionally designed A7 size. email info@cycle-cities.com if you want to see an example.
How many cards do you send?
What if I need more?
No Problem, just ask. We'll check how often your code is being used on our system.. If it's being used a lot, we'll see that you're effectively distributing the fliers, and send you more.
What do you do with the personal details/emails of those who sign up?
We keep these details on file (opt in) and have a mailing list where we feature member news, photos and specials. 
Is there a minimum commitment?
    No. You can leave Cycle Cities at any time. You must agree to honour any discount vouchers presented after you have left Cycle Cities, that were downloaded by the customer prior to you leaving. These vouchers are valid for 12 months. We have a service agreement detailing all of this.
How do I sign up?
Just reply to the email you got fom us and we'll send you all the information and service agreement. We’ll get you on the site within a couple of days.
What extra ways can I help?

Some ideas:

  • Send us marketing materials for your profile on cycle-cities.com/yourcity, and press releases for our blog and social network sites.
  • Link back to us from your website
  • Join our social networks Twitter: @cyclecities Facebook: /cyclecities Youtube: /cyclecities1
  • Give us feedback
  • Tell us who your friends are. What other bike companies do you know and trust? What companies have you had bad experiences with? We're on the look out for quality opertors all over the world.
What if I want my company to be a part of the Cycle Cities partnership, but I haven't been invited?
We research companies before allowing them into the partnership. We check for a professional site and good customer reviews. We only have one operator per city. If your city is not represented in Cycle Cities, and you are interested in joining the scheme, please contact us.
I'm still not sure about something. What should I do?
Contact us, info@cyclecities.tours, and ask a question. We'd be happy to help.


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