FAQ's for Potential Partners

What is Cycle Cities?
Cycle Cities is a partnership of the world's best city bicycle tour companies.

We are not a reseller of bike tours. We encourage direct booking with the local operator.

We also provide industry advice, support, networking, marketing and collaboration between partners. We have a yearly 'Symposium' confrerence, that is Europe's largest gathering of City Bike Tour Operators.

Who's behind it?
Steve Kopandy, the former Business Manager of London Bicycle Tour Company, London's first and original bike tour company.
Why did you start Cycle Cities?
Cross promotion. We got many requests for link exchanges on our website. People wanted OUR customers to find THEIR bike tour company, and vice versa of course. We had an idea of taking it a step further, and partnering with other bike tour operators and actively promoting tours in other cities, creating a system where everybody involved sends everybody more customers.

Community. . We are building connections and a community of like minded local tour operators who support each other with advice, solidarity and cross promotion.

How has it been going?
We now have 50 partners on 4 continents. Since 2015 we have been hosting our yearly Symposiums and strengthening the network and it's effectiveness
Why should I join up?
It's getting your company connected with customers who are already interested in bikes, because they're taking bike tours in other places.

It's getting you connected with bike tour operators who know the industry, the challenges, the opportunities and the best practice methods.

What will it cost to become a partner?
This depends on the size of the city as a tourist destination. Enquire with us if you are interested.
What responsibilities would I have as a partner?
We want you to link to us and include us in your promo, and integrate with our social networks. We give instructions on how to do this. You'll continue to run the business as you do day to day. You set your own pricing, you stay in control. Cycle Cities is not a franchise, not a take over of your brand or anything to be afraid of. We're not taking a commission. Because it's based on cross promotion, we think it's something you'll want to support and get involved in.
Is there a minimum partnership commitment?
1 year
How do I sign up?
We'll email you a link to sign up. Contact us via the email address at the bottom of this page.
What extra ways can I help?

Some ideas:

  • Send us marketing materials for your profile on cycle-cities.com/yourcity, and press releases for our blog and social network sites.
  • Link back to us from your website
  • Join our social networks Twitter: @cyclecities Facebook: /cyclecities Youtube: /cyclecities1
  • Give us feedback
  • Tell us who your friends are. What other bike companies do you know and trust? What companies have you had bad experiences with? We're on the look out for quality opertors all over the world.
I'm still not sure about something. What should I do?
Contact us, info@cyclecities.tours, and ask a question. We'd be happy to help.


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