The Land of Fire and Ice

At the time of writing, our furthest northern ‘Cycle City’ is Reykjavik, Iceland’s cool and colourful capital.

I’ll start by saying I’ve not been there.. but it is high on my list.

While Iceland gained fame and ‘notoriety’ a couple of years ago within the island we live on after knocking out England in the Euro 2016 Football Championships, it has long been a tourist destination held in high regard by the international population, with it’s stunning natural landscapes, friendly population, and of course the famous Northern Lights.

As the island’s largest city, Reykjavik is the start and finish point for all Icelandic journeys. From there you can head northeast beyond the city’s limits to Þingvellir National Park (the best place to observe the northern lights) or east to the spectacular aquamarine displays of the glacial lagoon of Jökulsárlón.

First, though, I’d suggest a bike tour on your first day of Reykjavik, so you can see all that the city has to offer and decide what to do in your remaining time in the city – or indeed across Iceland if you haven’t planned too much! Stefan at Reykjavik Bike Tours will give you excellent recommendations for onward travel and ideas to ignite your excursion.

Many people that take to Iceland travel the main ring road that circumnavigates the island, and take several days to trace it. Arguably the world’s most spectacular scenery will be found en route, which is perfect for cycling (if you can stand the cold!). This route also showcases some of Iceland’s most dramatic and awe-inspiring scenery.

Iceland’s natural geography is like perhaps no other, with lava fields, hot springs, geysers, and volcanoes making up a terrain that creates the effect of a raw, untarnished beauty unspoilt by large-scale development.

A trip to Reykjavik is recommended in the summer as the days are long, and there is a bit less snow to contend with – although if a snowball fight is your idea of fun then it’s the perfect destination all year round!
Speaking of fun, Iceland is known as one of the happiest places to live in the world, with the UN World Happiness Report 2017 recently ranking the nation as third best in the planet in this respect. Do your best to connect with some locals, such as Stefan at Reykjavik Bike Tours to find out why.

And finally…finish each day with a dip in a thermal spa!

I’m preaching to myself here; it’s somewhere I will have to go soon. If you have been to Reykjavik/Iceland, let us know and share your thoughts!

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