Supporting the little guy

Here at Cycle Cities, we work hard to champion the cause of small businesses. In the face of the ongoing monopolisation of huge multinational corporations, local business is facing a conundrum. Pay enormous commissions to massive companies, or lose roughly half of the business these channels provide.

Can they be called a necessary evil? Do they bring in the business, or simply inject silly amounts of money into dominating online searches of every service in every location worldwide?

The tourism industry is just one of many this is happening to. But what can we do about it?

Well, to put it simply, book direct! Australian businessman Dick Smith has made a fantastic video in which he delivers an impassioned plea for people to keep money in their country and not see it shipped off to the pockets of big businessmen in the US.

Booking direct, Dick says, starts when you first Google your bike tour or hotel. Don’t be suckered in by the bright green ads at the top of your page. Keep on scrolling until you find the website of the operator.

Sites like Tripadvisor and often come with the promise – implied or stated outright – that they are cheaper. They come with powerful brands people connect to and identify with. They hook you with supercharged PPC ad campaigns and reel you in with powerful calls to action and pop ups.

Don’t get caught – keep scrolling until you find the website of the operator, where you can book directly. Not only will you be contributing to the local economy, you’ll be getting a fair, perhaps even cheaper deal, that’s a hundred per cent more ethical.

At Cycle Cities, we’ll do our bit and continue to support the cause of local business. On our site, we connect you with the best tours the industry has to offer. You can read up on the company, the city it’s in, plus loads more information about cycling there and the best attractions. Finally, we include well-signposted links to the sites of each of our operators; so you can cut out the middle man and support the little guy.

Check out Dick’s video here and start booking direct today!

Rob Binns