Avalanche – the Musical Mind Behind the Man

Steve Kopandy, the co-founder and current Managing Director of Cycle Cities, is a man of many hobbies and passions. With an organisational mind and a degree in Systems Management, he likes to have his thumb on the pulse and fingers in the many proverbial pies of business. Always on the lookout for niches and opportunities, Steve has also always had a love for travel and been drawn to the bright lights and glittering dreams of the city. His passion for travel and love of meeting new people met and fused with his business-minded brain, leading to the formation of Cycle Cities in 2011.


However, there’s more to Steve than the man who has lead Cycle Cities towards the large, international network of successful bike tour operators it is today, with its fifth annual conference only half a year away and increasing numbers and influence. Steve’s central passion lies in music. For years, he has been performing in “The Take That Experience,” a tribute band to the hugely influential Britpop five-piece where global superstar Robbie Williams made his breakthrough. As ‘Howard Donald’ Steve, with the rest of his band, performs all over Britain and internationally, as well as on luxury cruise ships. But while that pays the bills and provides some thrills, it’s in his solo work that Steve has found a true expression of his voice and unique lyrical style. Combining heartfelt lyrics from his own experience of life and love with classic guitar and synth-driven, empowering and uptempo melodies, Steve has been releasing EPs and music videos for years.

His most recent work consists of a quartet of four-song EPs collectively entitled “The Personality Project.” The first entry – “Polar” was released last year, and followed up in 2018 with “Open.” For “Avalanche,” the lead single from this latest EP, Steve spent several days staying in Reykjavik on a gruelling shoot in the Icelandic wilderness which involved running through freezing cold rivers and navigating the country’s barren tundras. It wasn’t just music business when he was there though – Steve found time to kick it with Stefan of Reykjavik Bike Tours, the Cycle Cities partner in the Icelandic capital.

To check out the fruits of his labour, view the video for Avalanche here.